AHL Non-QM Product Overview

AHL is both an Agency approved lender, as well as a wholesaler with a huge footprint in Non-QM Products.   AHL invests in a wide variety of Non-QM and business purpose loans:

  • "Just Outside the Box" Prime Non-QM
  • Expanded Criteria Programs for Borrowers with less than perfect Credit
  • Self Employed Bank Statement
  • Credit / Housing Repair
  • All of our programs are ATR compliant or for business purpose
  • No MI is required on any of our Non-QM programs


We offer our originating partners a direct relationship that includes:

  • Scenario desk for guideline questions (scenariodesk@AHLbanker.com)
  • FULL Credit, Income & Asset Pre-Approval review for peace of mind
  • Fast Turn Times, and Large Funding Capacity
  • Exceptions are not only considered, THEY ARE WELCOME!
  • Funding loans currently in the following states: 
  • AZ, CA, CO, FL, NJ, OR, TX, WA (NV, UT coming soon)


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